Thursday, February 27, 2014

Red Lipstick

By Elizabeth Dunphey

Her name was Oona
and yes, the name was perfect
Alluding to the hush of a secret, or the ocean
Or a foreign country, say, Ireland
Where her daddy Eugene came from

Oona O’Neill
Was a sultry movie star vision
La brune, not la blonde.

Black of hair, dark of eye
Sullenly rich
Full lips.
La brune, to the extreme, as the French say

A mysterious bad girl teenager
That JD Salinger dated
And renamed Sally

Every broken hearted girl on campus
I see their love for her now
How they wanted Oona’s perfect uniformed body
That velvety black hair
To smoke cloves like her at the Stork Club forever
With red lipstick over her queenly mouth
and kisses for the dangerous world.

Elizabeth has modeled, written stories forever, and loves winter.  Read more of her in the Eunioa Review and Milk.

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